Generator Maintenance Plans

At The Generator People, we know that regular maintenance keeps your generator in peak operating condition for the times you need it most. That is why we offer several scheduled maintenance programs to help to meet the needs of your business with as little down time as possible. Installations, maintenance service, and repairs of recreational vehicles or commercial mobile generators are offered at our facility.

We frequently provide estimates on request. There is no charge for a “ballpark” estimate based on previous experience with similar repairs, however we do charge for detailed estimates which require inspection and diagnostic procedures. Estimates are not a firm quotation and may require additional parts or labor. Occasionally, worn or damaged are discovered which may not be evident on the initial inspection.

A standby generator set usually has a battery maintaining charger that is connected to the battery 24/7. This charging causes the battery to gas and lose water. We have noticed that in our high Florida temperature the water becomes depleted after about two months, requiring replacement water to be added before the battery becomes dry. A dry battery may not start the engine when needed, it also shortens the lifespan and could even explode.

West Palm Beach Generator Maintenance